Groupe Numains is commited to making the digital world more human, sustainable and eco-friendly.

Created for data storage and/or computing, the Hyperion solution is fully aligned with that sustainability strategy. It promises the same performance and security level as a traditional cloud solution.

Hyperion, the low environmental impact cloud solution

Forget your preconceptions and beliefs about IT infrastructure

The Hyperion solution is all about servers that are configured to be submerged in 100% biodegradable coolant. This new cloud technology was given the green light in the industry some years ago thanks to certain technological bricks.

We work on every link of the cloud service chain of use, reducing energy consumption, recovering 90% of that energy and offering service close to you that connects you to the world… without your data bouncing around all over it.

Tested, confirmed and approved by an energy recovery study, Hyperion is already up and running at Groupe Numains head offices.


A solution for everyone

High-performance cloud services and reduced carbon footprints are issues for everyone nowadays. Hyperion provides the solution.

Hyperion was designed for any organisation that uses a cloud system, including manufacturers, public authorities, service providers and more… Your structure could reap the benefits of a dedicated solution installed at your site or a pooled version featuring dedicated servers. We also offer a VM service hosted at Groupe Numains data centres. 

Our solution can provide you with the level of security you demand. In addition, digital sovereignty over your data will be tailored to your specifications.

Installable close to you, wherever you may be

We combine close service with convenience

Our solution has no constraints, so it can be replicated anywhere in the world. It needs no climate control, meaning we can use servers in environments with temperatures in excess of 50°C.

We can install the solution as close as possible, right on your company’s site, but also in a mobile version located in a fitted out container that will act as your Hyperion server room. You can set it up at one site and then decide to move it to a different location later on.

Concrete applications

Use of Hyperion VMs

•  Our VMs are set up in a Hyperion data centre in northwestern France, where their usage can be pooled

•  Redundancy is provided by a backup site located within a 250 kilometre radius

Placement in hot countries

Servers usable in environments hotter than 50°C

• Coolant temperature stabilised by means of a heat exchange with the air outside

Installation on third party sites

Use of cloud resources on a server dedicated to you

• Set-up of the solution at a third party’s site to recover unavoidable energy in order to heat a tertiary building.

A team at your service, from installation to maintenance of your infrastructure

Our teams of experts will be with you every step of the way, installing the solution, transferring your data and keeping your infrastructure up and running.

We will then monitor the solution remotely, to ensure its high availability, 24/7.

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